About US

Dear future resident,

We think that it is essential to know about the place where you would like to spend the best times of the year, which are your holidays.

Les Prairies du Lac has been successful during all these past years, attracting a lot of people who are now Happy Owners of their own mobile homes and enjoying the place and its area.

So we are happy to introduce to you the origin and evolution of our campsite.

Many improvements have been made over time, listening and following the desires of our residents :

A second heated swimming-pool has been built and the previous one has been covered. A beautiful British style Pub/Restaurant with two terraces replaced the small old existing bar. One of the two terraces of the Pub has been covered. A boules ground and a new playground for the children with a shelter have been created. Security barriers at the entry and exit of the campsite have been installed.

Les Prairies du Lac, was created in 1973 with 90 plots and a 2 star rating, extended to 123 plots in 1995. It was open just 6 months per year and was welcoming only caravans and tents.

International Camping was created in 1988 by its two associates, Guylain RAVERDY & Catherine LEMEE. Attracted by this picturesque village of Apremont and its very green landscape, International Camping acquired the campsite in November 1998. From that date, the campsite transitioned to be open all year round.

In July 1999, the capacity of the campsite reached 200 plots and achieved a 3 star rating.

At the request of more customers, we transitioned the site from tents and caravans to mobile-homes, and the site infrastructure was improved to accommodate them.

In 2003, an extension of 79 plots was added bringing the total to 279 plots.

In September 2009, Les Prairies du Lac achieved a 4 star rating.

In July 2012, another extension brought the total to 359 plots with a 4 star rating.

Later we added more plots, bringing the total to 376.

Our company "International Camping" celebrated its 35th Anniversary this year 2023, and Les Prairies du Lac celebrated its 24th Anniversary under its management. The site is a very friendly and happy community built up through the years.

We hope that all this information may lead you to become a new resident on Les Prairies du Lac.

Yours faithfully,

Guylain and Catherine