Campsite in Vendee » Discover Apremont in the Vendée.

Campsite ideally situated to discover Apremont and the surrounding area.

Discover the idyllic situation of our campsite 20 minutes from the coast for holidays packed with new activities.

The unmissable sites in the area of your Vendéen campsite

 Campsite near Apremont, little city of character

Our campsite is perfectly situated for discovering Apremont and the surrounding area, it is the perfect base for your holiday full of discovery. You will go to the heart of history if you visit the little city of character, Apremont, a unique experience which reveals the authentic charm of the Vendée.

Campsite close to St Gilles Croix de Vie, on the Vendéen coast

As a campsite near to St Gilles Croix de Vie on the Vendéen coast, our situation offers privileged access to the hustle and bustle of this busy town with its picturesque beaches at the coast. From the Plage de Boisvinet with its nautical base to the more wild Plage du Jaunay, passing by the promenade offered by the embankment of La Grande Plage you have, quite literally an embarrassment of choice.

camping vendee avec piscine chaufee
local product market in vendee

Activities near your Vendeen campsite

Around the campsite near to St Gilles Croix de Vie, a vast array of activities is available to visitors, creating an experience rich in discovery, in sports and in cultural moments.  Whether you are passionate about open air activities, adore walking or love touristic visits, this region of the Vendée will, without doubt please you.

Explore the various activities available close to the campsite with a multitude of options, from cultural to sport, with of course gastronomic outings to tickle the taste buds. Vendéen delicacies to taste without moderation !

Markets and taste bud ticklers

The local markets, such as the one at St Gilles Croix de Vie are an invitation to taste local Vendéen produce. Fresh fish, seafood, cheeses and regional wines are delicious to discover whilst touring the market.

The nautical part of Apremont

For lovers of water sports, the nautical base at Apremont is a must, offering nautical adventures just a stone’s throw from our campsite. You will find the lake “La Vie” at less than 5 minutes by car from the site, also known as “La Plage d’Apremont”. Its leisure zone offers numerous activities including crazy golf, fishing and boat hire.

camping vendee avec piscine chaufee
nautical activities near camping les prairies du lac

Water sports

For lovers of water sports the Atlantic coast nearby offers a large range of sea activities from sailing, surfing, paddle boarding and kayaking, perfect for making use of the ocean waves. The local sailing schools offer courses adapted to all levels, allowing people to learn from the start or to perfect their skills.

The Bluegreen golf course, close to St Gilles

Ready for an unforgettable round of golf under the Vendéen sun? The Bluegreen golf course close to St Gilles Croix de Vie is there waiting for you. Situated close to the campsite, this magnificent 18 holes is a idyllic course for all golf lovers, from enthusiastic beginner to experienced golfer.

With rolling fairways and beautifully maintained greens every shot is a pleasure on this picturesque course. Add to that the lovely views of the local landscape and it is the perfect place to improve your swing. Feeling a little “rusty”, no problem lessons are available for all levels.  And what better way to end the day on the golf course with a stop at the campsite pub, with a nice cup of tea to reminise about the day.  So, on with your spikes, get your clubs together and prepare yourself for an exceptional golfing adventure.

camping near the puy du fou


Lovers of walking will find their joy on the footpaths at the coast with their panoramic views of the Sea. Bike rides are also a big favourite with well maintained cycle paths offering the chance to explore the natural beauty of the area. Local forests too have pedestrian paths, giving you the chance to discover the flora and fauna of the local area.

Cultural visits

The Vendée is bursting with cultural treasures offering visitors the chance to plunge into the rich and historic properties. Medieval chateaux, picturesque churches and themed museums.  Each region reveals a fascinating history.

Puy du Fou

One of the unmissable cultural joys of the Vendée is the Puy du Fou. This unique theme park offers grand spectacles retracing history through the centuries. Visitors can attend epic shows showing gladiators, the horses, the vikings and other historic periods, making the experience educational as well as impressive.

visit the castels of vendee

Chateaux in the Vendée

Lovers of medieval architecture will be enthused by a visit to the Château de Tiffauges, also known as the Château de Barbe-Bleu. This impressive site takes you back to the heart of the middle ages with its towers, its moats and its richly decorated halls. Another unmissable is the Logis de la Chabotteries which is a historic home where visitors can explore the renovated 18th century rooms. The surrounding gardens add a peaceful touch to this cultural visit.

Museum outing to La Roche sur Yon

To get into contemporary art, l’espace d’art contemporain du Cyel, run by the museum of La Roche sur Yon offers 4 exhibitions each year, 2 of which are dedicated to photography. These varied exhibitions shine the light on renowned contemporary artists


There are cultural festivals in the town all through the year. Spectacles, concerts, art exhibitions, themed evenings and the like create a festive and dynamic atmosphere.

the gastronomy and the vendee specialities

The Vendéen Gastronomy

The Vendéen gastronomy is a real culinary voyage to the heart of the Pays de la Loire region, offering an experience rich in flavours and traditions.  Celebrating local produce and the delights of the Atlantic ocean, Vendéen cuisine is a marriage of authenticity and invention.
At the heart of Vendéen speciality is the brioche tressée, sweet emblem of the region.  Soft and moist this traditional patisserie is as good with breakfast as it is with afternoon tea, just with a knob of butter or some local jam.  The Vendeen brioche is the art of regional patisserie, handed down through the generations.

The gâche, another sweet treat of the Vendée is at home on the table of any food lover. It is a brioche known for its tight dough sometimes has fruits in it and at times flavours of orange flowers, it tickles the taste buds of anyone with a sweet tooth!  It is often served at special occasions and family parties, symbolising the joy of sharing.

On the savoury side, Vendeen cuisine puts local product of the earth and the sea at its heart. The fion, a dry sausage is a favoured aperitif.  Made from pork seasoned with care and refined following traditional methods, the fion has a soft texture and loads of flavour.  There is also the famous jambon Vendéen served with mogettes à l’ail, beans in garlic.

The fruits de mer are also a favourite in local cuisine with oysters from the bay of Bourgneuf, mussels from the Ile d’Yeu and clams and cockles from the Atlantic coast. This beautiful seafood is often served with a glass of local white wine to complete the unique Vendéen culinary experience.

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